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::ANOUNCEMENT:: Lifetime Travel Services (LTS) has some ‘tough’ news to share with you!

Starting April 1st, Lifetime Travel Services is putting together a TOUGH MUDDER TEAM for the Houston Mudder on October 5, 2013. We are looking for men and women to join us in one of the toughest events on earth! Don’t think you are tough enough? Don’t worry. If you start in April, you will have 6 months to train. Proceeds for the Tough Mudder support the Wounded Worrier Project. LTS, along with our corporate clients, are prepared to MATCH our amount and donate to this great cause. Toughen up and JOIN our team!




"This is something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the courage. Actually, it’s not that I didn’t have the courage it’s just that I was too lazy to get in shape for it. But this time I felt like it meant so much more than a personal goal. Not only am I 100% excited about it but I am 100% excited about getting fit and having Lifetime Travel Services be apart of this great cause. I’m not saying I will finish first, but I will finish and I wont be last!" – LaTrice