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Please fill in all information, save in PDF format, and return to your specialist LATRICE HASEMAN
via email info@lifetimetravel.info
via fax 281-616-9551

One person may submit a single payment or payment for everyone in the room however each person making a payment must submit their own cc auth form. Please advise us of everyone in your room so we may link the reservations.

Credit Card Holder's Authorization

In lieu of my credit card imprint, I , hereby authorize Lifetime Travel Services (used for my travel package) to charge my credit card the amount below:

$ (deposit amount & insurance if applicable)

For guest wishing to pay at their convenience, please retain a copy of this form and submit a new form for each payment as authorization forms are not retained once processed unless a payment plan is set up. For guest wishing to set up a payment plan please complete the following:


(Please break up my payments into the following schedule)

By submitting this form I acknowledge and accept the charges described herein and understand that should my travel plans change, and I did not purchase insurance, I will not be entitled to a refund and that cancellation or name change fees will apply. If I purchased insurance, my cancellation penalties would be adjusted or waived, based on the terms of the policy purchased. I accept that Lifetime Travel Services, its travel suppliers and its independent agents are acting fully upon my direction and that I will not hold them responsible for acts beyond their immediate control as it relates to this charge. I will also make payment according to the terms of my agreement with the credit card company.

Please Note: Rates are not guaranteed until your credit card is charged. In the event that rates have changed your travel coordinator will contact you. You will be contacted when your reservation is being processed.